Staging is the process of preparing one's home to be put on the market. The end result is a quicker sale, quite often for more than asking price. Staging can entail as little as simply rearranging furniture, or to even bringing in furniture, accessories art, etc. to replacing entire kitchens and bathrooms. In doing staging, we are turning your home into a product or commodity that will appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers to result in a sale. Staging is proven to work and is highly successful when done by competent, accredited stagers.

  • The benefits of staging are phenomenal. Properties sell quicker and for more money. People are wooed by the look of a staged property and therefore immediately make an offer.
  • Staging is a "hot" business right now. It is mentioned constantly in print and video media. Consumer Reports recently endorsed staging as a necessity when trying to sell a home. There are TV shows devoted entirely to staging.
  • Setting The Space is New England's premiere staging company. We own our warehouses stocked with our own inventory and transport everything with our own crew in our fleet of trucks.
  • We offer a complimentary initial consultation to assess your needs.

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