Tips to stage your house to get the best value

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Did you know that 91% of homes in real estate that are professionally staged get sold in less than a month after you put the house up for sales? In addition, getting the asking price or even more than that becomes easy with a house in which the interior design has been redone by professional home décor experts. If you really want to help your client get their asking price, consider staging their home either by yourself or by seeking professional guidance.

Here are some tips on how to stage a house to increase its wow factor and make it look more appealing to the prospective buyers. 

Get rid of clutter

Some of your clients might be fond supporters of holding on to their old furniture and other old items, but all that has done is cause a lot of clutter inside the home. You will have to get rid of items, which are no longer in use and are not in-trend. Any professional interior decorator would first bid goodbye to furniture and items which do not go well with the general aesthetic and style of the house.

Place the furniture strategically

There is a school of thought which says that rooms with furniture pushed to the wall feel larger. This, unfortunately, is not the case from a design perspective. Furnish the room in a way that the placement of the furniture allows easy passage, as well as keep the walls free. Rooms whose walls are visible automatically give a larger feel, which is exactly what you would want while you stage the house.

Use the right lighting

Unless you had employed professional designers to do the lighting in your home, there are high chances that the lighting in the property is inadequate. As a standard practice, every 50 square feet of the house should be illuminated with 100W of light. You can make the living room and other rooms look much more vibrant by just adding accent lighting solutions in addition to the ambient lighting. 

Get new covers

While staging the house, it is certainly not possible to get everything done again from the scratch. However, to give a newer look to the kitchen and other major rooms, you can try giving a couple of items a facelift. A new cover panel for the dishwasher, new panels for the drawers and new paint on the cabinets will certainly make the place look brighter and more appealing. 

Painting all the rooms will also be a nice thing to do, as that will give a completely renovated look to the house. Choose natural colors for the living room and dark and vibrant colors for the bedrooms.

Repair the cracked walls

If there are any cracked walls or missing floorboards in the house, it is imperative that you get them repaired while the house is being staged. No buyer would appreciate the thought of buying a house that has cracked walls or cracks in the sidewalks. It is thus of paramount importance that this is done.

Get professional help

Getting professional designers for the staging of a home could be the best thing that you can do to help your client get their asking price. Companies like Setting the Space offer impeccable staging and styling services that play a pivotal role in increasing the value of the property. By giving the task of staging the house to these professionals, you would be relieved of the stress of doing these things on your own. Right from furniture spacing to the selection of wall accessories, everything would be done by them and you would not have to worry about anything related to staging the home. 

With an outstanding inventory of furniture, art and accessories and more than a decade of experience, they will do every possible thing under the sun to give your clients home that extra wow factor and return on investment.